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MeasuredLive is using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the workplace. From utility companies and manufacturers to telecommunications and food services, our AI product slashes time-consuming and often redundant administrative work, allowing organizations to focus more on their core operations — often by investing more in their front-line teams. We deliver innovative solutions that unlock your business potential.

An estimated 1.8 million jobs are expected to be made redundant by analytics solutions borne out of artificial intelligence. There is plenty of trepidation when it comes to these kinds of losses, but there are far more positive results at the same time. With these monotonous administrative tasks replaced by AI, employees can perform at new levels of increasing effectiveness, focusing more on core products and services.


JOSEPH HERALDOChief Executive Officer

Joe is the architect and chief designer behind MeasuredLive. He has years of experience using artificial intelligence to improve workplace safety and replace redundant administrative tasks with automated operating systems. Working in the mining industry that was plagued with critical injuries every year, Joe used his artificial intelligence tools to eliminate workplace deaths. He’s already worked with utility companies to create automated management systems.

GARTH JANSENVP Business Development

An executive and leader in many organizations, Garth has a wealth of experience working with artificial intelligence. He’s at the helm of several organizations that are revolutionizing how business gets done by automating management systems. Even before MeasuredLive, Garth has used similar technology to help companies reduce their operating costs by more than 50 per cent. Now he’s using his experience to introduce this latest AI tool to companies across the country and across all sectors.


Chris has been helping firms grow their business for years. A dynamic leader in sales, he has already worked with artificial intelligence tools to optimize rudimentary processes, helping organizations find efficiencies they had never seen before. He’s now part of the experienced MeasuredLive team that strives to use the latest technological advancements to revolutionize management systems and reduce operating costs. Chris knows the value of having strategies that leave a lasting impact.

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