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Artificial intelligence is already used in many workplaces. You can see it in the form of virtual executive assistants, such as a.xi’s ability to schedule meetings for her CEO. We’re also seeing it in banks with virtual tellers.

An increasing amount of business owners expect to adopt new technology, such as virtual advisors, within the next two years, according to an article AI and analytics accelerating digital workplace transformation published by Information Age.

The report focuses on survey results from Dimension Data that gathered data from 800 companies around the world. As Information Age points out, more than 60 per cent of participants say they will introduce virtual advisors to their offices in the next two years. Similarly, 58 per cent of respondents plan to invest in virtual-advisor technology in the same time frame. “It’s no longer enough to simply implement these technologies,” Krista Brown, Dimension Data’s Group End-user Computing SVP, said in the article. “Organisations have grown their use of analytics to understand how these technologies impact their business performance: 64% use analytics to improve their customer services, and 58% use analytics to benchmark their workplace technologies.”

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