No Matter The Business, There’s an AI Efficiency to be Found

Demonstrating how artificial intelligence can overhaul any organization, no matter the sector, our friends at Information Age magazine have published a great article Artificial intelligence is poised to transform sales.

Almost every sales operation has plenty of administrative task that require many hours of manual human labour. None of these hours bring in any new revenues, so why not automate this part of the job and spend that money on more frontline sales folks who can drive new business.

Artificial intelligence can be used to take over data entry, employee scheduling and even drumming up leads. As the article explains, AI can learn when to apply discounts or map out future incentive offers. This is all done through reading “previous billing interactions from numerous customers as well as considers available data from current ones.”

The program then applies the “incentive or discount automatically,” while freeing up the salesperson to do more strategic, business development.

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