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Rescue 7

Measuredlive founders Garth Jansen and Joseph Heraldo always respected Rescue7’s offering. Learn life saving skills from people who have experience at saving lives. John Collie president of Rescue7 has never deviated from this position and because of that has been providing standardized training for corporations across the country. A heavy portion of the training is the administrative task of maintaining compliance, providing records and processing hand written roster sheets in multiple systems. This administration finitely affects Rescue7’s ability to grow their business as backroom efforts directly impact the bottom-line. Measuredlive analyzed this process and designed a solution that would allow Rescue7 to eliminate 50% of the administrative effort with one short iteration of innovation. The design is robust enough to grow it’s effectiveness as the system learns to hone it’s recognition so Rescue7 could focus on providing training to the 17 million working Canadians.

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